The Essay Writing Process Simplified


The essay writing process is central to academics. It not only assists in testing the students on the understanding of a subject but also allows them to learn to write and analyze critically. Through the essay, they learn the art of academic writing, while also polishing their research skills. The higher academic disciplines, such as art and history, sociology, political science, philosophy, and pure science use essays to present the course information and also to test the students on their comprehensibility.

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Starting the essay process

At the start of the essay process, you do these two things:

  • Read the essay prompt and scrutinize it for its parts
  • Note down the writing type, the subject matter, and the parameters.
  • Make note of any added instructions and formatting rules


The prewriting process is crucial to the essay process. It helps you gather the specific information that is required for you to write the essay. Here are the prewriting tasks:

  • Read the subject background to help you place the topic in a wider knowledge hierarchy. 
  • Brainstorm for ideas and come up with your own ideas. You can use techniques such as mind maps, freewriting, and journaling, each of which can provide you with not only ideas but help you see relationships between various sub-topics.
  • Research in-depth only after to separate your own ideas. The research should be from scholarly sources. 
  • Make notes, summaries, and note down the main ideas and points in your notes. 
  • Make an outline for the essay using the material and schedule your essay. 


The draft process is akin to filling in the flesh to your essay skeleton. Staring with the body outline you add the ideas, arguments, and the evidence according to the structure that you have decided upon. This applies to research paper topics

The points will take the form of sentences and sentences will shape paragraphs. It is important to add to the essay and not edit it while writing something anew. You can do this later; here you are only concerned with the content of the essay. You will perfect the essay content over several drafts. Keep this process going until you create a complete body.

Reviewing and Editing

  • Reviewing process involves looking at the bigger picture which involves the structure of the essay, the uniformity of the paragraphs, and the coherence within. You have to make sure that the paragraphs are organized in a sequence of importance e.g strongest to weakest or the other way around. 

Make sure that the paragraphs only take on a single argument and don’t mix up various ideas together as it will make the reader confused and won’t allow you enough space to explore the ideas individually. It is important that you allow for one paragraph to connect to the next one through coherent ideas and transitions. 

Checking the argument for its logical structure is crucial in the process; make sure you make it free of contradictions. Use words counter for essays

  • The editing process allows you to concentrate on the sentence level corrections. This includes correcting the passive voice sentences, checking for formal academic style of writing, making sure the language is objective and impersonal, improving the word choice, and enhancing the vocabulary.


Proofreading allows you to correct the mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You can do this on your own by proofreading with gaps in between and by changing the appearance and format of the text to help induce unfamiliarity with the document.

Having a peer review and proofread your essay will help you reduce your errors to a minimum, as they are familiar with the topic at hand. 

Accessing the feedback

You should learn from the feedback that is given to you by your instructors. Working on the mistakes you make and correcting them next time you write is one of the fastest ways to improve your essay. Also you can cosult a legitimate cheap essay writing service

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